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Remember Mom

Our goal is to promote health equity among minority women in the area of maternal mental health. Minority women, especially those of low socioeconomic status, are at a significantly higher risk for developing perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression. Although postpartum depression can be due to a hormonal imbalance, it can also be triggered by external factors like marital problems, traumatic birth experiences, and financial struggles. We hope to be a non-profit that supports women of all walks of life, ethnicities, and religions by providing support groups that empower mothers to take on life's challenges with strength and courage.

Our plan is to offer support groups both online and in-person to help mothers who otherwise might not have access to therapy or are looking for that first step in talking about their emotions. We also plan on taking clothing donations to benefit the non-profit, promote sustainability, and get the clothes in the hands of individuals who need them. We strive to connect women to local resources that can help with everyday needs so that each woman feels fully supported.

Remember Mom is committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging mothers to seek help when they find themselves going through mental health difficulties. 

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